Adsense Integration Competition

Posted on 30th May, 2006


John Scott the Administrator of v7n forum is currently running an AdSense integration contest.

I must say a contest such as this is not only beneficial for publishers but it’ll help them promote the v7n website since everybody is interested in knowing how to monetize their existing traffic. Regardless of their aim, I am sure everyone can learn something from this contest especially if one is an AdSense newbie.

The challenge is to take an existing page about Suzuki bikes, and redesign it completely. The goal is to completely integrate AdSense and make it appear as part of the site. That is to say, Adsense should appear to be internal navigation, not advertising.

The original page can be seen here.

At the time of this writing, several people have already submitted their entries. So far I like this one.


I didn’t even notice one of the ads embedded within the page content. As for the images next to the ad, I’d be a little cautious about using this technique. Some people reported that they have been contacted by Google asking them to remove images next to their ads.

Forum discussion and contest details can be found here: AdSense Integration Contest

[via v7n.com]
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