AdSense Issues Guide To Reduce Accidental Clicks

Posted on 7th May, 2007

The Inside AdSense team has written another guide to help you reduce the chance of accidental clicks on your AdSense ads.

Everybody knows that users should only click on Google ads if they’re interested in the services being advertised. To comply with this guideline, some publishers implement AdSense in a way that it does not encourage clicks directly but increases the chance of accidental clicking regardless whether the user realize it’s an ad or not.

However not all implementations of the ad code that can lead to accidental clicks are intentional.

Some implementations that could lead to accidental clicks include placing your ads:

  • In close proximity to Macromedia Flash games
  • Under pop-ups or download prompts
  • Near site navigation controls on your pages, such as drop-downs or menu links

From their blog

Generally, we ask that you not place your ads near features of your site that your users may interact with by clicking. If your site contains elements that increase the number of ad clicks without increasing business results for the advertiser, we may consider these clicks to be invalid. "Business results" can range from an online sale to a page view. If we detect enough of these clicks and determine that the risk to our advertisers is too great, we may disable the account. To maintain compliance with our program policies and ensure that your users don’t inadvertently click on the ads on your site, we strongly recommend that you move any ad units that are in close proximity to interactive site features.

I suppose publishers can still place an AdSense text ad next to AdSense image ad.

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  • green says:

    They require not to place ads near flash games especially when game loads

  • green says:

    Yes they published a kb article to prevent accidential clicks.

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