Adsense Tips: Make It Unobtrusive

Posted on 10th May, 2006

This may be common knowledge to some of you. It’s the one about blending and removing Adsense borders to make more money which I’ve written about recently.

Nevertheless, I think it‘s always interesting to learn from a specific example on how the numbers change after a particular Adsense strategy is applied.

Google AdSense blog has published another case study about a site owner (dogbreedinfo.com) who changed the ads on her site by blending them into the site overall color scheme and removing the ads borders. These simple changes have increased the site revenue from around $300 to $650 per day.

The site has a simple design, perhaps some may consider ugly. But ugly sites make money because people do not distracted by other elements on the site and pay more attention to the content.

From the Alexa traffic, I can see that the site gets quite a lot of traffic which I estimated at over 10K visitors per day.

There are tons of dog related keywords sprinkled all over the site. So it won’t surprise me if the site gains most of its traffic from the organic search engine. When people land on the site, they find the ads are related to what they are looking for and they click away, making the owner some money as they leave the site.

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  • pinolobu says:

    may i know the site’s URL?

  • Gaman says:

    The site url is dogbreedinfo.com. I’ve updated the article to include the URL.

  • Zul says:

    i agree with gaman. the dog site isn’t that pretty. But since the site is about a high niche, i observe all google ads are relevant and useful.

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