AdSense.com Fed Up With Google AdSense

Posted on 14th July, 2006

It may look like one would enjoy some good free publicity when a company as big as Google shares the same name as his/her company name for one of their services.

The opposite has happened to AdSense Consulting, the original owner of the domain AdSense.com back in 1996.

Apparently they have been getting thousands of spam messages per day and hundreds of unrelated phone calls asking about Google AdSense customer support related questions. What a nightmare.

Google AdSense declined when asked by AdSense Consulting if they wanted to buy the domain.

They even tried to take advantage of the windfall of attention to AdSense.com by applying for Google AdSense, and ironically AdSense.com was rejected as it didn’t meet their qualifications to participate in the AdSense program. In the end, AdSense.com was sold off for undisclosed amount.

Perhaps they shouldn’t had given up that easily. They could have tried to find out why their site was rejected, and then try to fix it and re-applied.

I reckon the AdSense referral program would do well on such site.

However, the rejection could be due to Google trademark policy. If that’s the case, it’ll be interesting to see what the new owner will do with the new domain.

Full story: Google Has No Adsense.com

[Found via SearchEngineWatch]
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