AdWords Advertisers Can Now View Sites Where Their Ads Are Displayed on Google’s Content Network

Posted on 12th June, 2007

At last, Google AdWords has added the ability to allow their advertisers to see the domains where their ads are being served within Google’s content network.

The report which is called Placement Performance reports will include the domain, URL, impression, click, impression, click, conversion and cost data for each site and ads appears on.

This is an important move by Google that could help increase transparency and boost advertisers’ confident when using AdWords.

Some advertisers know that Google content network offers the worst CTR and ROI compare to the search network. As a result many are reluctant to give it a try, and that includes me.

With this new feature, advertisers could now make informed decisions on which sites to exclude from content network to improve ads performance and ROI.

Placement Performance reports are now available to all U.S. advertisers, and launching globally within weeks.


[via Search Engine Land]
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  • ezams says:


    No more chance to the adsense/adwords arbitrage junkie to get big fat bucks 😆

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