AdWords referrals pay Adsense publishers $20

Last modified on 25th May, 2006

In an effort to attract more advertisers, Google has announced the AdWords referrals for Adsense publisher today.




Now you can refer users to AdWords in countries and languages where Adsense for content is available. I find this option is available on my Adsense account and it should also be available for other Malaysian.

To get started, select ‘Adsense Setup’ tab. Then under ‘Products’ select ‘Referral’. You should see the Google AdWords tab on your Referral settings page.

You can now earn $20 when you refer a new AdWords advertiser, once they have spent $100 on advertising within 90 days of signing up

In response to the introduction of this new product, JenSense has written an interesting and detail observation over at her site:

I definitely find the fact that referring a new advertiser is only worth $20 for the publisher, but referring a new publisher earns $100. Perhaps this was grandfathered in under the old AdWords referral program where the referrer earned $20 after the advertiser spent $20. But I would have thought a new advertiser would have been just as valuable to Google – if not more so – than a new publisher. The only reason I can think of for this is that they are trying to capture more of the publisher market share, especially with new publisher programs for competition out there such as YPN and MSN ContentAds.

However at the end of the day, I think most publishers will like make very little money from this unless their sites or blogs cater towards webmaster and advertisers especially those from countries where AdWords hasn’t made significant impact yet.

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  • shawne says:

    I also got the oppurtunity from google ads to get some of the products there.. yeahh that’s a good deal for a publishers.. Thank’s to mR.Google for enlighten us up by giving us the chance to promote the products and earn money with they ads, thank’s once again gaman.. You’re truly blogger.. Mana sudah ko skarang ni? napa lama nda online? Heheheh!! ok jumpa lagi nnt ahh.. Bah bila mo buat GATH di sabah ni for BLOGGERs2?

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