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Posted on 8th May, 2007

A large portion of my monthly online income comes from affiliate programs and from selling my own products. AdSense accounts for less than 10 to 15 percent of it. Sabahan.com is just one of the websites that I have AdSense running.

Anyway, before the blogging phenomenon became as widespread as it is today, most people that I know of concentrated on making money via affiliate programs. When AdSense came along, the trend switched to creating content based sites monetized by AdSense.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and AdSense. They have made making money on the Internet easier for everyone.

Most who have tried to make money on the Internet know what an affiliate program is. Unless one is willing to do a little digging, there seems to be a shortage of affiliate marketing success stories. Or perhaps we are just preoccupied with blogging and there’s no need for us to venture into other avenue. Good thing is we can always branch out while continue to blog.

Allan Gardyne, the owner of AssociatePrograms.com has published an article on affiliate marketing success stories written by Andy Lax.

It features six success stories about the following individuals

  • Jason Calacanis – A Google AdSense Affiliate
  • Chris B. – An eBay Affiliate
  • Pedro Sostre – A Commission Junction Affiliate
  • hollywoodvideo.com – An Amazon Associate
  • Robert Marcus – A LinkShare Affiliate

The article starts with the business benefit from referrals the type of affiliate advertisement models before delving into the stories. My only gripe about the article – I wish the author includes more figures about how much those people are making.

It’s still a good read though. Perhaps it could give some ideas on how you could path your own way to making money with affiliate programs.

Read the full article here.

[via Affiliate Tip Blog]
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