AJAX powered real time online counter

Posted on 27th March, 2006

Here’s a simple online counter which display the number of users currently browsing your page. What’s interesting about this counter is that its stats are updated in real time.

No page reload, just an ever changing number like that of a digital clock but instead it represents the users count on your page.

It would be interesting to have this script as wordpress plugin.

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  • Brad Isaac says:

    This looks cool, but their download link is broken. Is there any other place to find it?

  • Gaman says:

    Hi Brad,

    You can try the download link again. It seems to be working now after the previous ‘digg effect’ has passed.

  • None Ya says:

    Nope it is in fact dead and how nice that this is plastered for pages on google yet not a single one of the results has a working link because his site is dead and seems it will remain that way forever because he does not care to fix it. It has been over a year now.

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