Alexa Introduces New Traffic Features

Posted on 20th February, 2007

Alexa recently introduced new traffic features which offer more granular view of your blog’s or website’s traffic.

Alexa now reports where your site’s visitors are from geographically.

From the stats, I now know 48.4% of Sabahan.com’s visitors come from Malaysia and 13.5% are from the US.

One way how this can be useful, you can use it to convince advertisers where the majority of your visitors are from. This new data can also be useful to potential advertisers. It will help them to size up an audience before making an ad purchase.

Of course you can always get this info from your own traffic log but it’s usually not accessible publicly.

In addition to the geographical information, Alexa has also changed their Reach per Million stats to Reach Percentages. For example as of today 0.002% Internet users have visited Sabahan.com.

This numbers are more meaningful and provide an overview of how much traffic a site really gets.

Another new addition is a site’s rank in other countries. They are now reporting what a site’s ranking is in different countries.

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  • mirul says:

    hi gaman,

    I found that for Sabahan.com (as at 20-Feb-07), the traffic rank is 79,054 worldwide! Any secret? 😉

  • Joneh says:

    Hahahahhaha… i’ve checked mine. ok not in top 100,000(newbie ok)… but the funny part is this

    Got highest traffic from Latvia compares to from Malaysia. Im sure this got to do with Gaman 50 influential blogs in Malaysia thing. The one that mistakenly included from Latvia. LOL!!!

  • Joneh says:

    ooopppps.. read it wrongly…. top name is the lowest.. ok sorry. u can delete this post.

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