Anti-Virus Software That Requires No Update

Last modified on 24th February, 2006

The protection offered by an out of date anti-virus software is as good as no protection at all. The rate at which new viruses are released into the wild is getting faster everyday. Anti-virus software have to be kept updated as frequently as possible so as to avoid your computer from getting infected from any unknown new viruses.

But imagine anti-virus software that is a few hundred kilobytes in size, needs no yearly subscription, and that protects mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, PCs, Linux boxes and Macs not only from known viruses but also from future epidemics of trojans and other malware that is yet to be invented.

Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but that is indeed what an Indian software company based in Madras claims to have achieved.

To be honest, I am a little skeptical with this notion of a be-all and end-all anti-virus program. Viruses evolve. The pattern that is used to identify behaviour of possible malicious code today may very well change tomorrow. The technology used to create new viruses will change too.

An article by Robin Good discuss this could be breakthrough software is available here.

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