Are Google Results More Relevant?

Posted on 28th April, 2006

Have you ever wondered why you always end up finding the most relevant results to your queries from Google search results?

There’s an interesting article over at InternetNews.com discussing about why Google results seem more relevant:

According to a new study, a big part of Google’s relevancy isn’t actually directly related to what searchers see in the search results but rather to the Google brand itself.

Lance Jones, director of competitive intelligence at Keynote Systems, discussed a study he did where users were asked to rate satisfaction of their search experience using the normal Google site and using Google without the Google brand identifiers (logo, etc.).

According to the survey results, satisfaction was higher with the branded version even through there was no difference between the results.

Come on, why are we keeping on finding more relevant stuff from Google results? For sure this must have got to do more with Google’s effective algorithm than a mere “brand effect” right? Or are we being ‘brainwashed’ by Google without us realising it? LOL

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