Avoid ping spamming with Smart Update Pinger plugin

Posted on 22nd March, 2006

If you want to notify ping services of new posts, but not send any notification when editing already published posts, Smart Update Pinger might be able to help you. However you won’t need this plugin if you are using WordPress v2.0 or higher.

Smart Update Pinger replaces the built-in update ping functionality by only pings when the post has not previously been published, instead of always pinging when saving a post.

Once installed, a log for the latest pings which show the error messages associate which each service is included which help you determine and remove non-working services.

This plugin will help you avoid your blog from getting banned for ping spamming even when you are just editing already published posts. This is unfortunately the default behavior of the built-in WordPress ping function. This problem has been fixed on WordPress v2.0 and above.

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  • Edrei says:

    Actually, that isn’t supposed to happen and is pretty much fixed from 2.0 onwards (2.0’s problem was that it wasn’t pinging at all which was the other extreme) Anyway, we fixed it and it shouldn’t be a problem now. The problem actually happens to be when people mess with the XMLRPC in the form of other pinging solutions or plugins.

    I’ve got a flexible plugin that boths customises the ping and prevents multiple pinging which can be found here here.

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