Beware your web presence

Posted on 21st March, 2006

An article over at NY Daily News states that an increasing number of employers are Googling their prospective employers during the interview/hiring process.

Their final decision whether to higher you or not might not just based on your resume alone. Having an inappropriately colourful online presence might put you in trouble or could cost you the job you are after.

From the article:

A friend of mine posted a picture of me on My Space with my eyes half closed and a caption that suggests I’ve smoked something illegal,’ says Kluttz. While the caption was a joke, Kluttz now wonders whether the past two employers she interviewed with thought it was so funny. Both expressed interest in hiring Kluttz, but at the 11th hour went with someone else.

To avoid this, make sure your resume information matches your Web presence. Careful consideration about what personal information you choose to reveal in your blog should also be a priority according to the article.

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