Blog Advertising Survey by Receptional

Posted on 31st March, 2006

Receptional Internet Marketing has published a report which you may find useful if you are interested in learning more about paid blog advertising.

The report is based on an analysis trying to established patterns that can maximize the effectiveness of blog campaign.

From their site:

Don’t use Page Rank or Cost as indicators of quality when looking at running advertising campaigns across Blog sites. Our research now shows that these are two of the poorest indicators. How, then, should an advertising agency approach a Blog advertising campaign? What factors make good indicators as to the suitability of a Blog for your product or service? We set out to find out.

If you’ve been following my recent posts, I’ve conducted my own blog advertising experiment via BlogAds but at a much smaller and simpler scale. I found that having my ad positioned as high as possible increases its click through rate. But more importantly, CTR was also dependent on the content of the blog where my ad was published, specifically how the blog’s audience relate to my ad. I’ll post more about this later. I’ll try discuss how my own experience relates to Receptional’s analysis.

Anyway, hats off to Receptional for offering this concise and interesting report for free.

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