BlogKits – Alternative to AdSense Is Now Live

Posted on 14th December, 2006

I’ve written about BlogKits in my previous post before here and here

BlogKits is touted as a Google AdSense alternative by helping bloggers make money by supplementing their AdSense income with CPA offers from selected merchants.

On their Site, BlogKits claims that vast majority of blogs don’t make more that pennies per day using Google AdSense. The big Bloggers have a secret which according to BlogKits make a lot more money selling other ads because they have traffic.

They came up with a challenge. You sign up and run BlogKits partners ads on your blog for 30 days in place of your AdSense ads. Then compare the earnings and you decide which one is more worthwhile.

There’s also a Google AdSense blog Earnings Calculator Tool for bloggers to calculate an estimate of what a blog would earn per day using Google AdSense.

I’ve stated my opinion regarding BlogKits in my earlier posts. It’s always interesting to have another avenue for bloggers to make money.

Check out BlogKits at http://www.blogkits.com

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  • graeme says:

    I tried chitika because I thought it would make more money, but I still found adsense better on my particular site. With these alternatives it really depends a lot on your blog or readership don’t you think? As well as the traffic 🙂

  • romico says:

    Your origin from Sabah?. Does Blogkit sent cheque to Asia. Eg. Malaysia or Singapore?

  • Gaman says:

    Yes I am from Sabah. If BlogKit accepts application from Malaysia & Singapore, I do believe they would send checks to this part of the world.

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