Business.com Using NoFollow on Listings

Posted on 7th July, 2006

I am a paying member of Yahoo Directory where two of my sites are listed in there. These listings cost me USD598 per year to maintain. I’ve several other sites listed for free because they were accepted before the annual recurring fee was introduced.

I’ve renewed both listings several times because I was worried it will hurt my PageRank or search engine rankings if I cancel them.

However, as time goes by, I believe the value of myYahoo! Directory listing is diminishing as the traffic they bring have been dropping like stones and the redirect method Yahoo is using might prevent proper passing of PR. There’s some discussion about it here if you are interested.

Anyway, I started looking for new places to purchase listings from and one directory that I had considered was Business.com.

According to Business.com, some of the benefits of their annual directory listing, which cost $199, include a boost on your sites visibility to the major search engines and major search engines index their directory as a source of new web sites.

That sounds good and all until you realize that they are using the nofollow tag on their listings. So they are actually lying to people when they claimed a listing there will boost your sites visibility in the major search engines.

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal has written about this here.

For those of you in the SEO world who are purchasing listings on Business.com hoping that the $199 a year price will assure your site better rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com, be forewarned; Business.com seems to be using a ‘nofollow’ command so some search engines, specifically Google, do not value such backlinks.

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  • e-tech says:

    dang liars!
    I wonder what their excuse is 😛

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