Top Final Contest Winner for Group 7

November 6, 2007 by · 10 Comments 

I’ve waited for over 3 weeks to see if there’s anybody else would send their contest entries, sadly nobody did. So as I wrote in my earlier post, this will be the last draw for the contest due to the lack of participation. The contest is now officially closed.

I guess it’s about time anyway as the contest iwas losing its momentum, a signal that the end is near. Up till today, it has attracted over 35 entries from various blogs including OK, I have to admit that I paid John US400 to give this contest a mention in his blog but that still counts as an entry 🙂

While the contest is running, I gave away 7 free domain names. One winner get the free-for-live WordPress hosting package. I’ve been making a living working online full time since 1999, and have no plan to quit anytime soon. So the winner is assured to enjoy his free hosting for a while as I continue to grow in the future or until something that’s totally out of my control dictates otherwise.

In the mean time, it’s time to announce the winner from the four entries I’ve received for Group 7. I asked my assistance to pick a number using a random number generator and the lucky winner is blogger number 4 in the list.

So congratulations to If you are reading this, I’ll be in touch with you to request for your PayPal email address.

I’d like to thank all the bloggers who took part in the contest. Without your participation, the content won’t be as successful as it is.

Here’s the good news, this isn’t the end for contest, there will be more to come in the future, hopefully ones that will offer better prizes and more excitement to everyone!


Would You Like the Chance to Win A Free Domain Name?

October 19, 2007 by · 13 Comments 

Most of my regular readers probably know that I was running a contest where I gave away free domain names and free WordPress hosting for life.

I know I haven’t been posting any update about it for a while. So in case you are wondering, the contest is still up and running at the moment. So far I’ve given away six domain names and one free hosting – yes the hosting is free for life.

The next draw will take place once I’ve received enough entries for Group 7. Here are the entries so far.



  1. Charles Lau
  2. Raja Wang
  3. Tim Un

You’ll have one in five chances to win the domain name, if you ask me, there’s a good possibility it could be you 🙂 Sadly, this would probably be the last draw for the contest if no more entries coming in. I’ll go ahead drawing a winner among the four entries above and the contest will be officially closed.

If you are interested, this is you last chance to take part. You can read the full details of the contest here. Contest Entries & Winner for Group 6

July 30, 2007 by · 11 Comments 

It’s taking a while, about three weeks to be exact, to collect enough entries to start the draw for group 6. While I’ve noticed more bloggers writing a review for the contest, I can only consider those who have emailed me directly about their review.

So if you have written a review but haven’t been entered, please email me and tell me about it.

Without further ado, here are the 5 entries for group 6, sorted by time received.


  2. Wayan Wandira
  4. Jamez Z


As usually, I’ve asked my assistance to pick a winner using a random number generator software.

The free domain name goes to …

Wayan Wandira

Congratulation Wandira, you are now in the running to win the free WordPress hosting for life.

Thanks to all the bloggers in Group 6 that has participated in the contest. If you don’t win this time, you can re-enter by writing another review at a different blog. Remember the contest is ongoing so please keep your entries coming.

Check out the contest details here.

Contest Winner Announcement: Free WordPress Hosting For Life

July 12, 2007 by · 7 Comments 

I am excited to announce the first winner for the free WordPress Hosting for life contest.

Before that, I’d like to thanks all those who have entered. Even if you don’t win, you get a permanent linkback from a PageRank 5 blog.

Just to reiterate the rules of the free WordPress blog hosting to refresh our memory

  1. The free hosting will remain as long as I am able to retain my dedicated server – meaning as long as I am in business 🙂
  2. The free hosting is strictly for WordPress blog hosting only. It must be a brand new blog setup.
  3. You have 1 in 25 chance of winning the free hosting. If you win, you must take advantage of this offer no later than one month after the result is announced.
  4. You may use the free domain name you’ve won earlier or any other domain name you wish with the free hosting.
  5. Your blog will be hosted on the same server where is currently hosted. However, I reserve the right to transfer your blog into other share hosting package if necessary. Regardless where your blog is hosted, I will pay the hosting fee for you.
  6. I’ll help you setup the domain name and hosting on the new server. While you can ask me any questions regarding the server setup, I do not usually offer hosting support. From my experience hosting other people websites, you’ll probably rarely need support once your blog is up and running.
  7. You may not host a blog with the following content: Adult, racial intolerance, violent, gambling, get rich quick schemes, or any other content that is illegal or promotes illegal activity.
  8. Your free hosting package will come with the following features:

Linux Operating System (CentOS)

500 MB disk space

10 Gig monthly data transfer

5 MYSQL Databases


5 Sub domains

20 POP3 Accounts

Other features included in the package are CGI, PHP4, SSH, Perl, GD, Spam Assassin, SMTP, Sendmail, Awstats and all the necessary tools to help you get started right away. These specifications may change from time to time. You can read the full contest rules here.

Today I asked my assistance to draw the winner, and congrates goes to Andrew Raj of Andrew Raj’s Blog for winning the free WordPress hosting for life!

Andrew, I’ll be in touch with your and will help you setup your hosting account as soon as you have a domain name ready.

Thanks to everyone who took part. It was great fun. And remember, this contest hasn’t ended yet, I am going to give away more free domain names and WordPress hosting for life.. so keep your review coming! Contest Entries & Winner for Group 5

July 11, 2007 by · 3 Comments 

I have enough entries for Group 5 to start a draw for the free domain name winner. The winner from this draw will then be entered into another draw together with the previous four domain name winners to win the free WordPress hosting for life.

Without further ado, here are the 5 entries for group 5.

  2. Now China
  3. Kinabalu Blog
  4. John Chow
  5. UrbanWorkbench

As usually, I’ve asked my assistance to pick a winner using a random number generator software.

The free domain name goes to …

Now China

Congratulation to Jun of Now China, You are now in the running to win the free WordPress hosting for life.

Thanks to all the bloggers in Group 5 that has participated in the contest. If you don’t win this time, you can re-enter by writing another review at a different blog. Remember the contest is ongoing so please keep your entries coming.

I am going to pick the first winner for the free WordPress hosting for life next. Here are the lucky domain name winners that will be entered into the draw:

Group 1: Jandan.Net

Group 2: Wahlau.Net

Group 3: AhPek

Group 4: Andrew Raj’s Blog

Group 5: Now China

The winner will be announce in the coming post.

Win a Free Domains & Free WordPress Hosting For Life Contest Is Still Running

July 4, 2007 by · 10 Comments 

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you might already know that I’ve been running a contest since May. However, some of you, especially the new readers may not be aware that the contest is still going on.

In this contest, I am giving away free domain names and free hosting for your WordPress blog for life. You can find the contest details and rules here.

So this post is to let everyone know that I am still accepting entries. So far, I’ve received three four entries for Group 5.

I need two one more entry before I can start selecting a winner for the free domain name. Then right after that, all the domain name winners which include winners from previous draws will be entered into another prize draw to win a free WordPress hosting for life.

The contest won’t stop there after I’ve given away the free hosting, it’ll continue as long as I can afford to do so. So what are you waiting for? Start sending your review now!

John Chow Contest: Win a 24″ Wide Screen LCD Screen

June 19, 2007 by · 2 Comments 

This is probably the best prize for a contest that John Chow has offered so far in a string of contests held over at

To enter the contest, just write about it in your blog. Link to his Make Money page using the anchor text “make money,” link to using “hosting Canada” and link to the contest post.

(As you may notice, the above paragraph has qualified me to take part in the contest.)

Then send an email with the URL of your entry to him. The contest ends on 31st July 2007 and winner will be selected on 1st August.

The contest is opened to bloggers from anywhere in the world. So I suppose they will ship the prize to your address anywhere in the world for free.

I am sure this will turn out to be one of the most popular contests held by However, knowing him, he’ll probably come up with even a bigger prize in the future as long as it’s a win-win situation for him and the sponsor.

If I win, I’ll hold a similar contest and recycle the prize as a giveaway to the winner of my contest. Winning it would be nice but it’s even better if I could use that to my advantage and make more money from the publicity I receive. Isn’t that evil?


CypherHackz.Net Review Me Contest

June 13, 2007 by · 1 Comment 

I was contacted by Fauzi of CypherHackz.Net where he informed me about a contest he is currently running at his blog.

Like most blog contest, it requires participants to write a review about his blog. Here’s a quick details of the contest

  • The review must be at least 150 words
  • It must link to the homepage, the contest page and any one of his posts
  • You need to use the post title as the anchor text
  • Review can be positive, negative or neutral
  • You need to confirm your participation by contacting him about your entry.
  • 5 winners will be selected at random
  • Contest will end at 11:59 pm (GMT +8) 30th Jun 2007

The prize

All winners will be given free text link placement on his blog header for a month or two.

IMHO, I think he should be exact on whether the links will be maintained there for a month or two month to encourage more participation. Some people may be disappointed if they only get a month placement when there’s a possibility that their link could remain there for two months.

That said, if you are looking to have your blog or site linked from a PR5 blog, this contest is for you. According to Fauzi, his blog gets close to a thousand visitors per day, so having your link prominently featured on his blog could provide a good exposure for it.

Full details here. Contest Is Still Running – Keep You Entries Coming!

June 8, 2007 by · Leave a Comment 

In case you are wondering if I am still accepting entries for the contest, yes I am.

Currently, I am accepting entries to complete the fifth group – the last group before I start selecting the winner for a free WordPress hosting for life.

There is currently one entry in Group 5 and I’ll need four more. If you want the chance to win a free domain and free WordPress hosting for life, send your entry now.

Just make sure to follow the contest rules, when sending your entry, otherwise it will be disqualified.

The contest will continue after we’ve selected the first winner for the free web hosting for life so your chance of winning is still widely opened. Please keep the entries coming! Contest Rules Changes

May 28, 2007 by · Leave a Comment 

I’d just like to let you know that I’ve made some changes to contest rules. The following entries have been added into the review rules

6. Entries from splogs a.k.a or spam blogs will not be accepted. This includes scraper blogs where content are grabbed from other sites in an automated way. If you are unsure of what splogs are, read here.

7. Your blog must be at least one month old and contain at least three earlier posts to qualify

I need to make these changes because it seems that this contest has started to attract entries from splogs. It’s not fair to the other real bloggers if I accept entries from splogs. Besides I don’t want to link to and to have splogs linking to me.

Another thing I’d like to stress is that, from now on, if you don’t confirm your participation by contacting me via the contact form, your entry will not be included.

There are a few other reasons why your entry could end up disqualified. I won’t be repeating them here, suffice to say, make sure you follow the rules when participating in the contest.

In the mean time, please keep those entries coming, we are going to pick the winner (randomly) for the free WordPress hosting for life after the winner for Group 5 is selected.

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