My Top 10 Most Read Blogs

October 10, 2007 by · 15 Comments 

Yesterday I noticed a trackback from, one of the most popular Tech Blogs in Malaysia . Curious to know what he had written about, I clicked the link to find a post where Raymond lists 10 of his most read blogs.

Apparently, is one of the blogs that he read daily. I am honored to be on the list and am glad to know he finds useful 🙂

While I don’t usually participate in a tagging meme I thought this one is worth tagging along with. In addition to helping us discover interesting blogs from other people, I would also like to return the favour and thank Raymond for including on his list.

The meme was started by Martin of where he invited the bloggers from his ten most read blogs to take part. The goal is to create a blog feed dependency list which shows the top ten most read blogs of all participating blogs.

While I’ve subscribed to about 36 blog feeds, I only visit a blog when I feel like reading the topics in that particular niche. If I don’t feel like reading SEO today, the Search Engine Roundtable can wait until I’m in the mood.

Anyway, here are the top 10 most read blogs according to my Google Readers’s Trends for the last 30 days.


  1. Shoemoney – Skills to pay the bills
  2. ProBlogger Blog Tips
  3. Search Engine Roundtable
  4. John Chow dot Com
  5. Super Affiliate Mindset
  6. Google Blogoscoped
  7. Affiliate Blog by Shawn Collins
  8. Inside AdWords
  9. Connected Internet
  10. Inside AdSense


As you can see, the kind of blogs I read relates closely to the topics I love to write about in They range from the normal how to make money, to affiliate marketing, AdSense, AdWords and SEO stuff.

If you have your own top 10 most read blogs, you could do the same and list down your top 10 most read blogs in your blog. Then you can trackback this article or Raymond’s article so that he’ll be able to put you on his list.

Malaysian Can Now Withdraw Money from their PayPal Accounts

October 1, 2007 by · 64 Comments 

Not that you can’t withdraw before this but the steps usually make your head spin. Some enterprising Internet marketers even took advantage of the complicated steps by selling ebooks telling people how to do it.

Anyway, Wayne Liew emailed me to give a heads-up about a new feature recently introduced by PayPal. Wayne’s post refers to the original post by Sweet Surrender about PayPal is allowing money withdrawal to credit and debit card.

I usually don’t much pay attention to such news before. While I spent thousands of Ringgit monthly via PayPal, I’ve never really used it to accept payments.

Some of you may recall that I promoted MaxBounty at some of my websites. My main gripe about this program is that it automatically converts my commission checks into Ringgit and there’s no way avoiding this. While this means shorter clearing time, I prefer getting paid in US dollars and put up with with the long clearing time.

This is because local checks issued by MaxBounty utilise a terrible exchange rate resulting me to lose hundreds of Ringgit per clearance. This problem is getting worse by the day as the US dollar continues to weaken.

So I told my affiliate manager about this and she recommended me to accept PayPal payment. In such case, I don’t want the money to sit quietly in my PayPal account doing nothing. I rather put them in the bank and earn some interest.

So that’s how I started paying more attention to news related to withdrawing money from PayPal.

Anyhow, to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to a credit, debit, or prepaid card, just add a card with a Visa or MasterCard logo. To do so, go to Withdraw under the My Account tab and click Transfer funds to your card.

It costs USD5 to use this service and there’s a USD500 daily withdrawal limit. For most people I think that shouldn’t be a problem. If you plan to withdraw regularly, I recommend waiting until your balance is nearing the limit to save on service charges.


So, I logged into my PayPal account and tried entering my Public Bank MasterCard but it was rejected with the following message:

This withdrawal cannot be completed because your card issuer does not allow withdrawals to this card. To withdraw funds from your PayPal account to a credit, debit, or prepaid card, add a different card with a Visa or MasterCard logo.

I tried calling PBB card customer service but nobody picked up the phone. I thought they were offering a 24×7 customer service… Anyway, I emailed PayPal and surprisingly within minutes, I got a reply:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. I am happy to assist you further.

Understand you are thinking about trying our new feature for money withdrawal to credit card.

By viewing your account, we found out that you added MasterCard ending with 0***. I am afraid MasterCard can not be used for money withdrawal at the moment, but VISA & American Express card. If you only have one credit card, what do you think about adding US bank account that bank must be located in US soil or VISA debit card?

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

PayPal, an eBay Company

So apparently they don’t accept MasterCard credit card at the moment. Why don’t they mention this on their website is beyond me. So I guess I’ll have to get a Visa debit/credit card then. Is there a debit card for MasterCard?

New Features Highlights for Google Reader, AdSense & Search

September 14, 2007 by · 9 Comments 

I’ve been busy for the past few days planning and negotiating with the contractor on my parents’ house extension, which is probably evident from the patchy posting frequency you might have noticed for a couple of days.

Anyway, I’ll continue to update this blog as time permits.

I’d like to mention a few new features that have been added into several of Google’s applications these past few days.


Google Reader Search

If you are using Google Reader as your feed reader, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve just added search. This feature is one the main features I’ll look for in any feed reader.

Basically, you can search your feed right from the Google Reader interface. So, let’s say you recalled that I once wrote a tutorial about AdSense blend strategy. Without going to, just enter the keyword into the search box and you’ll get what you are looking for.



Better Date-Based Searching On Google Search

Previously, you can restrict your search to return results that are less than 3 months old. Well Google search has just got better. The advance search page now allows you to obtain fresher results that are less than 24 hours old.


So what good this will do you ask.

Google estimated the age of a URL as the last time they fetched the page. However, the URLs returned on the search result don’t always represent the recent ones due to Google’s ranking algorithm.

This feature would be handy if you are following a fast developing new story from other sources in addition to the news search.

Matt Cutts points to a post by Alex Chitu where he mentions that the advanced date search affects a URL parameters called “as_qdr” and some of its possible values are.

d[number] – past number of days (e.g.: d10)
w[number] – past number of weeks
y[number] – past number of years


For example, there’s been a lot of fast progress on iphone stuff recently. A query such as would show all the new urls for the query [iphone source code] within the last day, because d1 stands for 1 day.

Suppose you wanted to see all the new urls that Google found on your site within the last 7 days. For the domain, I’d use a query such as to find those urls (remember, “d” stands for days and “7″ stands for, well, 7). Previously, you could check whether Google had indexed a new url by (say) searching for content from that url, so this isn’t completely new, but it still simplifies life for site owners.

I’m already using this parameter in my power searching all the time. If you need a way to remember the parameter name, I think of as_qdr as “advanced search — query date range,” although I haven’t checked if that’s what the letters actually stand for.


AdSense Includes Allowed Sites

This new feature called Allowed Sites allows you to prevent other people from abusing your AdSense code by placing it on sites other then your own. Now you can ensure your ads only run on sites you’ve specified.

The Allowed Sites list can be access via the Allowed Sites link under the AdSense Setup tab. Sites that are not included in the list can still display ads using you code but impressions and clicks for these sites won’t appear in your reports and advertisers won’t be charge.


Basically, you won’t be paid for any click but the advertisers will get free advertising.

It’s up to you whether you want to use this feature or not. If you are worried someone might misuse your code, perhaps sabotage your AdSense account, this feature will become handy to prevent that from happening.

If you participate in any revenue sharing blogs or forums, just be sure to include those URLs in the allowed list or you won’t be credited with the clicks.

How a 17 Year Old Girl Earns $70K Monthly From Her Website

September 10, 2007 by · 44 Comments 

I came across an interesting story from Connected Internet about a 17 years old Ashley Qualls who earns as much as $70,000 a month from a website that gives away free layout for MySpace.

Most of this income comes from Google AdSense.

So far she has made more than $1 million from her site at Her first AdSense paycheck was $2,790 and she had rejected $1.5 million buyout offer.

Whateverlife attracts more than 7 million unique visitors and 60 million page views a month. That’s a larger audience than the circulations of Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl! magazines combined.

In contrast, gets 4 million page views per month, 15 times less pageviews.


Quantcast, a popular source among advertisers, ranked a staggering No. 349 in mid-July out of more than 20 million sites. Among the sites in its rearview mirror:,, FDA .gov, and

What’s interesting is that, she started the business without the support of financial backing from anyone or professional mentors to guide her along the way.

But Ashley had no connections. No business professionals in the family. No rich aunt or uncle. In the working-class community of downriver Detroit, south of downtown and the sprawling Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan, she bounced back and forth between her divorced parents, neither of whom attended college. Her father is a machinist, her mother, until recently, a retail data collector for ACNielsen. “My mom still doesn’t understand how I do it,” Ashley says. To be fair, she did go to her mother for the initial investment: $8 to register the domain name. Ashley still hasn’t spent a dime on advertising.

It all started as a hobby. She began dabbling in Web-site design eight years ago, when she was 9, hogging the family’s Gateway computer in the kitchen all day. When she wasn’t playing games, she was teaching herself the basics of Web design. To which her mother, Linda LaBrecque, responded, “Get off that computer. Now!” For Ashley’s 12th birthday, her mother splurged on an above-ground swimming pool–“just so she’d go outside,” LaBrecque says.

One thing that struck me when I first visited her site was the unconventional navigation scheme. I suppose it’s well suited for the demographic its targeting.

The design has an added advantage in that the ads look as though they are part of the content, which I am sure improves the page click through rates tremendously.

She has dropped out of high school to concentrate on her online business. If you were in her position would you consider dropping out of school (and perhaps forget about going to college/university alltogether) to concentrate on your business?

Read the full story: Girl Power

8 Tricks You Can Use to Increase Alexa’s Traffic Ranking

July 25, 2007 by · 21 Comments 

Yesterday I wrote about 5 tricks some people use to increase their Alexa’s traffic ranks. The point of the post is not to say that Alexa is totally useless but the methods I described do not usually help in improving the rankings.

To the general web surfers, Alexa’s traffic ranking means almost nothing. But many advertisers and ad networks use Alexa to gauge whether it’s worth spending money and pay the site owner to advertise on the site.

If you are a blogger trying to make money from Text Link Ads or ReviewMe, having a good Alexa ranking put you in the position to charge more on your ad inventory.

I’ve been repeating this point several times in my previous posts. If you want to make money from your website, putting some effort in improving your Alexa ranking will be worth your while.

On the other hand, if you are not trying to make money from Text Link Ads, ReviewMe or you are using ad networks that disregard Alexa traffic, you can ignore Alexa because it won’t make any difference to your bottom-line. Similarly, if you are selling your own products via AdWords, having a good ranking won’t help you sell more products. So, this post is for those whose Alexa’s traffic rankings affect their bottom-line to a certain extend. Here are ten tricks to increase your Alexa ranking.


  1. Install Alexa Toolbar

    If this look likes a contradiction to the third point in my previous post, it doesn’t. There’s no need to install Alexa toolbar on several different computers if they all share the same IP address. Unless of course, each computer access your site alternately on different days.

    Once you set your site or blog as your homepage, you’ll start seeing some increase to you ranking albeit a very small one. This tips works if you have a brand new site. Download Alexa toolbar here.


  2. Recommend Alexa Toolbar to Your Users

    Write a review about Alexa, similar to what I am doing now and tell your users why Alexa can be important to them. Invite your friends to use Alexa toolbar and explain why it’s beneficial to do so. Make sure they are aware of the privacy issue associate with using Alexa toolbar.

    Again if you have a new blog or site, you’ll notice an increase in your ranking soon.


  3. Create Contents that Appeal to Webmasters

    Since we know Alexa stats is skewed towards webmaster traffic, put this to your advantage by creating contents that attract webmasters and tech savvy readers.

    I’ve demonstrated this when I compared the Alexa stats for and a political blog in the 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia. In that article, I pointed out that while the political blog gets more traffic daily, enjoys better Alexa ranking even with lower traffic level only because its content attracts webmasters, bloggers and tech savvy audience.


  4. Take Advantage of the Social Bookmarking Sites

    Submit your blog posts to the social bookmark sites like digg, and Stumble Upon or Even if you don’t get to the front page, some visitors will still end up on your site. Since this traffic is targeted to your content, someone might find them useful enough to link to your posts from their blogs.

    Obviously your ultimate aim should be to get into the front page and bring the traffic surge that could significantly impact your Alexa’s traffic ranking.


  5. Create Sub Domains or Run Multiple Blogs Under One Domain

    Alexa merges together sites which they think have the some content. The merged sites would have their traffic combined to form one ranking and listed under the main domain.

    To take advantage of this, you could create another site and run it under a sub domain of your main site e.g. You could offer webmaster tools section to attract webmaster traffic.

    If you have extra bandwidth and web space to spare, offer free blog hosting to your users and host them under sub domains, e.g.,, etc.

    Your will enjoy a greater Alexa ranking as it’s a combination of all the blogs rankings under that domain.


  6. Get Involved In Chinese Sites

    That is, if you know Chinese. There are many Chinese websites ranked highly in the Global Alexa top 500. To some extent, this reflects the high adoption of Alexa toolbar among Chinese Internet users.

    If you could create a sub domain and run a Chinese blog that attracts Chinese users from China, you could potentially enjoy a greater Alexa ranking.


  7. Remove Unnecessary Secure Pages On Your Site

    Since Alexa toolbar turns itself of on secure pages (https:), sites with secure page views will be under-counted in the Alexa traffic data. So if you have many secure pages, consider disabling them if that doesn’t compromise on your users’ security.


  8. Create Great Content

    Great content attracts readership which translates into more traffic. On the Internet, content is king and some say traffic is the queen. Like everything else, focus on your effort in creating valuable and useful content. Give what your readers want.

    When you got traffic, your Alexa’s rank increase will follow. One good example I can give is the blog. Its Alexa ranking jumped from around 3 million in January 2007 to around 7,149 in just over six month all due to its great content that’s targeted towards webmasters.



Due to the statistical limitations of the sample of Alexa toolbar users, Alexa is unable to accurately determine the ranking of sites with fewer than 1,000 total monthly visitors or about 30 visits per day. Therefore, in order to be taken seriously by advertisers, you need to get below 100,000 in your traffic ranking, any higher is regarded as not reliable. Obviously the closer you get to number 1 the better.

Have I missed anything? Please share your tips in increasing your Alexa’s traffic rankings in the comments.

How to Make Money from Your Old Blog Posts With

July 18, 2007 by · 8 Comments 

If you have old posts in your blogs collecting dust or perhaps you love to write, either way, you’ll be able to monetize your content and make money with

But before we go into that, let me explain what is all about is one of the community based content generation sites cropping up recently to allow users write content in any topics they like . Some say it’s a combination of, Q&A services such as Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia and Consumer Reports all rolled into one service. Currently the site gets around 8 million unique visitors a month and growing with 450,000+ articles published.

While you could write in any topics like pop culture or politics, I often find the articles incline towards advice, discussions and how-tos. Unlike Wikipedia though, your article will be published unedited by others.


How Do You Make Money From

In short, you get a portion of the advertising revenue for every article you submit to The amount you earn will depend on the value of the article which is determined by the following factors. Higher-ranked and popular articles will earn more than the lower ranked ones.

  • Your articles ratings
  • How many page view you have
  • How much the advertisers pay to advertise on the subject

Your articles are ranked by other members by comparing one article to another to decide which is best. Consequently, higher ranked articles are often viewed more than articles ranked lower. Writing good quality articles will help you achieve better ratings and more page view.

You can’t choose which articles to rate. This is good because a member won’t be able to artificially drive up his own or his friend’s ratings so it’s harder for members to abuse the system.

However, the articles presented for ratings might not fall within your own areas of interest so there’s a tendency for one to just give them any rating without actually reading the articles.

While you can rate articles, the ability to leave a comment which could make the site livelier is clearly missing.


Can You Submit Your Own Blog Posts to Helium?

Yes you can. So the opportunity for you to make more from your own blog content is there. You can even funnel some of the Helium readers to your blog by including your blog’s URL in the profile and increase traffic to your blog.

However, you keep in mind that will own the right to your uploaded content.

  • You grant Helium, and its affiliates, a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, modify, delete in its entirety, adapt, publish, translate, display, create derivative works from and/or sell and/or distribute content posted to Helium.
  • Helium’s rights to the content do also imply rights to use, in any way, the materials for our own internal business purposes, and reproduction and distribution for the purpose of marketing and publicity for Helium.
  • Helium disclaims any obligation to legally protect your works or your copyrights, and you acknowledge that we will have no liability, vicarious, contributory, or otherwise, for any infringement of any of your intellectual property rights.
  • You acknowledge that we do not control other users’ actions, including but not limited to their use of your content. We will have no liability to you for any user’s violation of these terms and no responsibility to you to enforce these terms for your benefit.
  • If your content includes one or more links to content hosted on servers other than ours, it will not be considered uploading or posting of content to the Helium site, and it is understood that we will have no right to use or distribute such content unless it is also uploaded or posted directly to the Helium site.

As stated in the last point, you are not allowed to upload articles which link out, perhaps for legal or spamming deterrent. Unfortunately this also prevents proper credit given to the authors whose work is used in the article.

If you are a prolific blogger who are struggling to make money from your blog, is a good avenue to generate some extra money from your articles.

However if you are already making good money from your blog, there’s no much point ‘donating’ your posts to other sites. Your time would be better spent enriching your blog content with new posts.

Posting to Helium may be fun but it won’t make you rich overnight. That’s why I said earlier that it’s a good way to monetize your old posts that are collecting dust. Once you have uploaded your articles, they’ll continue to make you money passively. The more popular they become, the more you will make.

But from what I read, it could take your sometime to make a decent income unless you devote more time and efforts to it.


How Do You Get paid?

When you register as a Helium writer, you need an active PayPal account to receive payment. So non-US members can actually get paid if they reach the cash out level, currently $25, and payments are made after the 20th of each month.

As you can see below, I haven’t made any money from Helium yet. That’s not surprising considering that I’ve just posted one article and been with them for only a couple of days.


If you are not submitting articles, can be a great place to get ideas for new articles for your own blog. Browse around the topics that interest you and when you see a topic that you could have written better, write it

In addition, you can use the Firefox Smart Keywords trick that I’ve described in my previous article to quickly search for new ideas for your blog.

Check out

Job Announcement: Blog Content Writers Required

May 13, 2007 by · 7 Comments 

I’ve several blogs which I authored myself. They were fun to write in the beginning but sadly as time progresses, it got harder for me to keep the momentum going and find the time to research and add new content into these blogs, perhaps evident from the dwindling posts quality.

Rather than letting them drift off slowly into the Internet oblivion, I’m going to give them a second chance to achieve Internet glory 🙂 To do that, I’ll need your help.

I have an immediate and ongoing need for blog writers to contribute daily in three of my blogs below:

  1. Portable CD MP3 Player
  2. Internet Security Online
  3. Software Business Blog


What am I looking for?

  1. Writer must be able to write articles of at least 200 words in length, preferably longer, on an ongoing basis.
  2. Writer is required to write at least one article per day or minimum seven articles per week. You may post as often as you like preferably at regular intervals. You may need to take advantage of the Post Timestamp function.
  3. Writer must have a good command of English and able to put well structured sentences in an easy to understand format.
  4. The articles must be of good quality, educational, informative and fit into the context of the associated blogs. No pay per post allowed.
  5. Writer is free to research anywhere as he/she wishes but the final content must be original, not cut and paste (while quoting the source is allowed, I’d like to have the practice of making it as the main post content minimised) and not spammy.
  6. The writer will retain all rights and ownership of the articles but must agree not to repost the content elsewhere.
  7. As the owner of the blogs, I reserve the right to delete any post deemed unsuitable or revise it as I see fit.


What’s in it for the Writers – how are they paid?

Unfortunately I’m not in the position to offer any financial rewards or salary on a regular basis.

However, I’ll allow you to keep all the AdSense income generated from the blogs. No kidding.

This is not a typical AdSense revenue sharing arrangement where you earn half of the AdSense income and the other half goes to the blog owner’s pocket. Here, you will earn 100% of the amount AdSense generated from the post you’ve authored. To achieve this goal I’ll provide a facility where you can insert your Google AdSense ID so that the AdSense ads that appear on the post contain your AdSense ID.

In addition, you’ll also be able to add your blog into the blogroll and have an access to the blog’s Sitemeter account, an offer exclusively for readers who chose to participate.

As the blogs owner, I’ll continue to promote them to attract traffic, write posts as I find the time, perform all the necessary maintenance and monetize them in any way I wish as long as it does not interfere with your ability to earn money from AdSense.

Depending on how many writers I accept, a blog could have several writers. Each writer will benefit from the AdSense income generated from his/her posts only. The more post he creates, the more traffic his posts will attract and the better the potential income will be.

While being the writer won’t guarantee instant riches, you could look at it as an opportunity to supplement your AdSense income without the hassle of creating and maintaining a blog yourself. I’ll do the dirty work for you and you’ll just have to write and reap the rewards.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me. Let me know if you have particular expertise in certain subject matter. I’d also like to see your existing blogs or any articles that you’ve written to help me decide if you are the right candidate for the job.

If you have any question, please ask them in the comment section. Cheers.

How to Make Money From Your Community/Forum Based Site

April 25, 2007 by · 9 Comments 

I recently received an email from MrBadak. His question goes something like this

we’ve been around the net around the same time but I see you took the opportunity to make an income out of it… I’ve been handling since 1997 (this year 10 year anniversary).. all these while using my own money to fund the hosting and domain, plus my sweat.

apart from adsense, how else do you think i can make some revenue through this site ah? cuz all my members are local so not much into buying stuff but i think i do get some foreign visitors on the main page.

i appreciate your tips on this one 🙂

Lets look at several examples how much some people are making from forums.

Most people know John Chow as a blogger at, probably fewer people know that he also owns a very successful tech portal at

While has a busy forum, a first time visitor won’t realize that immediately, instead he/she will notice the more visible bargain and deals on offer on the main page. John Chow does not shy away from monetizing the site to its fullest

I read somewhere that the site is making about USD20K per month. To reach that level of income, the site gets around 30K visitors per day.

My point is, while managing a portal can be quite a profitable undertaking, having to focus on the forum alone could limit the revenue potential of the website. But of course this is just one example and it’s not a representative of all the portals/forums out there.

I am managing six forums myself but none of them is making as much money as – not that this blog is making much either. The forums I manage are mostly my hobby forums that I left running without me promoting them actively.

Now back to MrBadak question, how to monetize

Before we can start making money, we need to identify the demographic of the communities of From the top of my head, I assumed most are males above 25 of age and Sabahan who support the local football club – a little rough guesstimate but you get the idea.

Armed with this info we can better serve them with relevant ads or messages that could generate income for the portal. I’ll try to answer the monetization part from’s perspective.


1. Affiliate Program

The problem of using affiliate programs to monetize this portal is that there are not many Malaysia based companies that offer credible affiliate programs which is one thing, finding a suitable program that serves demographic is another thing altogether.

I am sure there are some suitable programs out there but one would just have to search harder. Try joining and look for programs that’s available for the international audience.

Forums can be profitable but only if you have a lot of members and valuable content – not to mention the correct niche that the forum should focus on.


2. Look for Local Sponsors

If you can make private arrangement with local companies and have them sponsor your site, you could be making quite a nice income or so I heard. One good example is – one of the most popular Malaysian portals.

I’ve tried this method myself for one of my forums but it didn’t work as well as I wish since I didn’t have a well recognized brand, and the forum was lacking the communities strength at that time. Does your site offer good value for money and a good returns on investments for potential advertisers? This is the question every portal owner should ask him/herself when looking for sponsors.


3. Seek Voluntary Donations From Members

Although this is not one of my favorite tips, others have used it and achieved some level of success.

The expenses to maintain the have been coming out from your own pocket. Depending on your members’ loyalty, I think it’s quite fitting for them to share the burden – perhaps as a token of appreciation to you.

For larger donation you could give them something in return – a T-shirt to encourage donations perhaps?

That said, I am not saying that you should expect something in return but this is one way to help you keep the site running.


4. Sell Text Link Ads and Sponsors for Forum sub section.

There is money to be made by selling text link ads. You can place the them on your homepage or at suitable section in the forum.

You can also find sponsors for the forum sub-section and place a sponsor ad there. I used to see such arrangement at


5. Optimize your AdSense placement.

You could probably improve your AdSense income by optimizing your AdSense placement in the forum. Check out the six AdSense optimization tips for forums.


6. Offer Paid Subscription

If you can come up with premium features, services and content for members you could offer a paid subscription model in return for an access to those premium content. You could charge them a one time fee or on a monthly basis.

This list is in no way definitive but it will point you to the right direction if you are willing to give them a try. Like everything else, making money from a community based portal is not easy. You need tons of traffic, good content and use the correct monetizing methods to succeed.

One of the most successful forums is forum which is making $10,000 a month from Google AdSense alone. Shawn Hogan, the founder shares the revenue with users a win-win arrangement for both parties. He was featured in an article (free registration required) for the New York times last year.

Malaysia Securities Commission Investor Alert List

April 19, 2007 by · 10 Comments 

The Malaysia securities commission (SC) or Suruhanjaya Sekuriti is a body set up to regulate and develop the Malaysian capital market.

If you are an investor in an Internet investment scheme, you can refer to an alert list from their website to check whether the scheme your are involved with is authorized nor approved under the Malaysian securities laws.

The following list of websites is conducting Internet investment schemes by illegally taking deposit, an offence under Malaysian law. I’ve reproduced the current list for reference, latest list available here.

The SC has the authority to freeze bank accounts belong to any of the schemes if they are located in Malaysia . SC is working closely with the National ICT Security and Emergency Response Center (NISER) to enforce the regulations.

The the list is by no means complete. I believe there are many other websites that are still being investigated.

This list will be updated from time to time to conform with the orginal list from SC website. Feel free to let me know if you think the list is outdated.

Swiss Mutual Fund or Swiss Cash, and others are basically a well-disguised ponzi scheme to those who do not know better. Learn more about ponzi scheme here.


List Of Affiliate Marketing and Webmaster Forums to help you Make Money Online

April 10, 2007 by · 2 Comments 

Recently Dosh Dosh has published a list of 26 forums to help you make money online. Unlike a blog, a forum typically represents collective opinions from variety of people in one place. While this is good, there’s no guarantee that you get consistent information as everybody seems to have their on opinions on certain issues.

Nevertheless, if you got questions or need some guidance, a forum is one of the best places to post them at.

I reproduced the partial list below. To read the full article please visit Dosh Dosh


1. Digital Point

2. V7N Forum

3. Sitepoint

4. WebmasterWorld

5. SEO Chat

6. Earners Forum

7. High

8. Self Starters Weekly Tips

9. Wicked Fire

10. Warrior Forum

11. ABest Web

12. 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums

13. Affiliate Programs Forum

14. Ewealth

15. Affiliates4U

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