Chitika add New Categories and Ad Sizes

Posted on 4th August, 2006

Chitika has introduced 18 new categories to their service as a well as new ad sizes.

The new categories are:

Photography Accessories
Cellular Accessories
Computer Games
Computer Speakers
Laptop Accessories
Scanner Accessories
CD and DVD Burners
In Dash Receivers
Small Appliances
Pet Accessories
Xbox Games
Game Boy Advance Games
PlayStation 2 Games
PlayStation 3 Games
Nintendo 64 Games
Dreamcast Games
Video Game Accessories

The new sizes include:
468 x 60
250 x 250
300 x 250
728 x 90

[via BloggingPro]
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  • Mr.Wealth says:

    I have seen Lcf apply the chitika…..i personally haven’t try it, but definitely i believe most of them prefer Adsense.

  • tech-scope says:

    chitika is a good alternative or addition to adsense. Don’t rely too mush on adsense if your weblog has good traffic.

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