Beware Of Adult Ads From Chitika

Posted on 4th June, 2006


If you are using Chitika in your family friendly blog, you might want to double check to make sure it’s not running adult related ads.

JenSense has reported that Chitika is running adult ads which will be triggered by the keyword “magazine subscriptions”.

The ads include images of nearly naked women gracing the covers of Hustler and Genesis magazines.

It made me wonder if this is done on purpose, which is more likely or they it slipped through their system unnoticed.


A publisher has written to Chitika support about this matter and here’s their reply:

Bob: That is correct. Our adult filters are set up to block adult related queries. But in this case, looks like adult related paid listings started showing up for queries related to “magazines”.

We released a quick fix to this problem by blocking queries related to “magazines”. For now, network default products will be displayed for “magazine” related keywords.

We are working on a more robust solution to address this problem.

Chitika, Inc.

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