Clipping With Google Notebook – A Review

Posted on 24th May, 2006

I’ve been playing with Google Notebook for a couple of days now. I use it to help me take note, copy important text and images along with the URL of the page for future reference.

For those who are not familiar with Google Notebook, it’s basically an online note-taking and information clipping application hosted on Google servers.

Google aim is to help you organize the information gathered from your web research. Hopefully with Google Notebook by your side, you can avoid having to deal with scattered collection of sticky notes, Word docs, and browser bookmarks etc.

Since I already have a Google account, all I needed to do was log on to Google Notebook to get started. I was prompted to download the “Notebook Extension” for my Firefox browser. The Notebook Extension allows me to have instant access to my Google Notebook without the need to visit my Notebook account each time I want to clip information.




Once installed it adds the ‘Note this (Google Notebook)’ item into my right-click popup menu.



In Google search result pages, a ‘Note this’ link appears to allow me add any entry from the search result into your Notebook.



Google allows you to create multiple notebooks for different categories of notes and share any or all of them with the general public.

I use this feature to share information about my websites and blogs. If you search for the keyword “ Sabah ” or “Sabahan”, you’ll likely find my public notebook which seems like the only one talking about such topics at the moment.

While the application interface is quite intuitive and clean, I am still quite disappointed with the uninspiring and bland design. I was hoping for more AJAX goodness but all I get is nothing more than a couple of formatting options sprinkled with some AJAX functionalities such as drag and drop and mouse over effect.

Despite those little gripes, Google Notebook is still worth using especially if you clip a lot of information online and do not want to bother with moving your data when switching between computers.

In the next version, I’d love to see the ability to limit sharing to a group, add time and date to each note entry automatically and spice up the interface with more features. I am sure Google will continue to improve this tool as it moves out of Beta.

Check out Google Notebook.

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  • Palmdoc says:

    Love it too. It’s great for copying those little snippets of information which will come in handy again especially if you work with multiple computers.
    For other instances of course my PDA’s Memo is more handy

  • pinolobu says:

    makes a great tool for research

  • pinolobu says:

    btw, in the browser screenshot you gave, for the “sabahan + blog (+1)”? what is that tool for?

  • Gaman says:

    That tool is a password manager and a form filler from RoboForm.com

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