COMET – the next stage of AJAX

Posted on 26th March, 2006

An article over at irish dev may provide some interesting insight into the future of AJAX for programmers.

The writer decided to call all this style of event-driven, server push data streaming “Comet”, a technology which is more like AJAX on steroid.

From the article:

So what makes these apps special? What makes them different from other things that might at first glance appear similar? Fundamentally, they all use long-lived HTTP connections to reduce the latency with which messages are passed to the server. In essence, they do not poll the server occasionally. Instead the server has an open line of communication with which it can push data to the client.

AJAX is one technology that I still haven’t delved into. Well I haven’t done much web programming except some basic PHP, and Perl stuff.

Moving forward, I’d definitely like to migrate from desktop app development to web app programming and port my desktop apps into web apps. That would be an interesting project.

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