Day Job Killer eBook Download Page Indexed By Google

Posted on 1st March, 2007

I just found out from a blog post that Google has indexed the download page for the “Day Job Killer”, the ebook which I’ve written about previously.

That means anyone who finds the link will be able to download the ebook for free!

Some forum users have decided to tell their friends about it too. Is it stealing for getting something for free when other people are paying for it?

One thing for sure, the author should have known better about how to use robots.txt to prevent things like this from happening.

When I write this, I am still able to download the ebook for free. I feel like asking for a refund.

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  • Freeze says:

    Is it???!!! I need a refund too then..but when I tried it just now. the page had been removed…

  • KeVin says:

    I wonder too about how the author not known the usage of robots.txt….

    honestly, i believe this could really affect the sales scenario with all the free version of it scattered illegally…


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