Debunking Google Sandbox myth

Posted on 31st March, 2006

Google sandbox has been the topic of speculation for anybody who looks beyond the basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Google sandbox is the term use to describe where new sites get placed when they are first indexed by Google. It’s speculated that these sites that are sandboxed do not rank at all or do not rank highly in Google’s search engine results.

At some point, however, they are let out of the sandbox and suddenly all their pages appear in Google’s index and those pages can rank much more highly in search results.

So, does sandbox effect really exist?

A recent contest ran by SEOlogs.com proves that sandbox effect is nothing more than the failure of webmasters to follow Google’s own webmaster guidelines thus preventing new sites from appearing in Google search results.

Google representatives like Matt Cutts have stated in public that no sandbox exists, that what people have been seeing are side effects of specific filters that are charged with keeping spammy or otherwise dubious sites out of the search results.

My own experience confirms that a new site really can rank highly in search results. As an example, I am currently ranked fourth in Google search result for the keyword ‘milkshake video‘ for my new blog at OffbeatEnough.com. The blog is not even two months old and the post was created on 18 March 2006 and was indexed by Google the next day. On a side note, you might want to use Google sitemaps to get new posts noticed by Google.

The contest reconfirms a proven search engine optimization techniques based on including keywords in the body text, page title, URL and offsite anchor text link are the ways to get you at the top, nothing fancy. But of course, it gets harder to secure the top positions as more and more competitors join in the party.

So how does this apply to bloggers?

To attract traffic from Google, just keep adding more quality content, keeping in mind the keywords you want to be ranked in. Get as many offsite links not only to your homepage but to other posts.

You might also want to learn how to optimize your blog for the search engines with these plugins.

Now you know if your new blog seems to be kept out of Google’s index, it isn’t sandboxed, but you just do not follow their guidelines.

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