Discover the Top Keywords People Use to Search Your Websites or Blogs

Posted on 4th December, 2007

If you are using AdSense for Search in any of your blogs, you can find out what keywords people are using to search your sites. This information will help you understand users’ behavior better and help you create content that best serve their interest.

Additionally, you can use the data to better monetize pages that are searched frequently by your users. To see your sites queries data, log into your AdSense account. Then click on the Advance Reports under the Reports tab. Next Choose a date range and select the Top queries data option.

Below are my top 15 queries from December 2 2005 until December 2 2007 derived from across multiple websites and blogs. Currently AdSense doesn’t offer an option to view data from a particular site or channel.




Not surprisingly “swisscash” tops the chart with 1028 queries. So far my article about Swiss Cash has been viewed over 60,000 times, possible more before I installed the view count plugin. In addition it has generated 1483 “enthusiastic” comments and counting.

Other popular search terms include “sex”, “kellie pickler” and “fruitcake lady”. If you are curious know what these queries are all about, check out my funny video blog at OffbeatEnough.com which is maintained by my assistant.

In a related development, AdSense has announced in their blog that an update on December 10th will affect your top queries reports. To prepare for a few upcoming reporting enhancements, top queries data older than a year old will no longer be available. So if queries data which are older than a year old are important to you, you may want to run any appropriate reports and save them before December 10th.


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  • AhTim says:

    So weird that all top queries are not even one related to your niche keyword “Computers” 🙂

    –blog for dream–

  • Elaine Chung says:

    This is something new…

  • Kay Kastum says:

    What does it mean by ‘non’. Is that what they searched for? Or is it that people click search without entering query?

  • Thanks for Sharing. I’m using Google Adsense & Adwords now!

  • AhBoon says:

    thanks man, didn;t know that my top search is “Nude Girls” but i don’;t even have a nude pic in any of my sites…

    Anyway, Happy New Year!!

  • Yup, this is really interesting. This will help if you are working on drawing traffic to your website. You’ll know which topics to write about and the right keywords to optimize.

    Of course, it will be even more powerful if you research using Google’s Keyword Analyzerand Google Trendsto determine keywords with a high volume of searches.

    This is the key in working your way in finding the right products to sell online.

    Read more on how to do this here – What Sells Online!

    Cheers, Samantha

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