Don’t Forget Your Thank-You Page

Posted on 1st February, 2007

Marketing Sherpa has published a tip over at their blog about taking advantage of your Thank-you page.

In 2001 they conducted a study and found 40% of prospect took advantage of the offer on the thank you page.

Then recently, they found 39% of all visitors to that thank you page took advantage of another offer which shows there are a consistent percentage of people who always response to offers on the thank you page.

So try to include more hotlinks or offers on your ‘Thank you’ page they see after submitting their purchase or registration. The prospects are in the right mood then to learn more about you, so they may click on links for other offers.

If you have several offers, there’s a chance you’ll increase your overall offer conversions.

Another interesting fact: the most popular offer on that page gets a 29% acceptance rate, which is fabulous, but not the whole 39%. That means giving folks a choice on that page has helped our overall offer conversions increase by 10 percentage points.

However, this is not true of all promotion on the Internet or in postal DM. According to MarketingSherpa, most often, single focus gives better results.

If you sell a product or service on your website, offer them a related product/service on the thank you page. Perhaps give them a discount or coupon which valid for a limited number of time.

You can even arrange a cross selling with other vendors to sell their products on your Thank-you page.

If you don’t do anything on your Thank-you page, you are wasting an opportunity to make more money.


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