Explore Web Pages Indexed by Yahoo! Search With Site Explorer

Posted on 25th June, 2006

Web Publishing Blog’s Andrew Johnson points us to a little tool called the Yahoo! Site Explorer which can help us learn more about all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search.

According to Yahoo, Site Explorer allows you to view the most popular pages from any site, explore their site map, and find pages that link to that site or any page.

The inlink feature works fine but I am not quite sure how they determine page popularity. If the data is based on traffic sent by Yahoo search result pages alone, then the data is somehow not very accurate.

When I compared the top 10 results from Yahoo! Explorer search result with the 10 most popular keyword searches from Yahoo organic obtained from my Google Analytics data, the only pages that appear on Yahoo! Explorer top 10 result is the Yahoo Toolbar adds tabbed browsing for IE , besides the index page of course.


In one of my other blogs, the About page is apparently the second most popular page, followed closely by the Feedback & Suggestions page. I know that’s incorrect based on my stats data. So I am becoming more curious as to how Yahoo! Explore popularity ranking works.

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