Eyetracking and Images of People

Posted on 29th May, 2006


MarketingSherpa has produced yet another fascinating ecommerce guide which includes 23 full-color eyetracking heatmaps, graphic indications of where the eyes of testers are drawn on typical e-commerce product and search pages.

The results cannot be easily summarized here but some of the findings include

  • Website visitors tend not to look at big, block images, so don’t put interactive elements, such as navigation in these images.
  • People don’t look intensely at images. Images in general are used as “anchors”, which serve as starting points for a scanning pattern.
  • The more personal the image, the more powerful the impact can be. Images of people draw attention more than other images. Photos of employees do better than spokes model types. While human images help to attract attention, it can distract from more important page elements too, so it’s an indication that testing is important.

If you are serious about finding the optimal places to put images on your e-commerce pages, lower your shopping cart abandonment and ultimately raise your conversion rates than this guide is for you.

As always, this guide from MarketingSherpa is filled with practical advice from real life case studies. At USD297, it isn’t cheap but if you are willing to shell out the money, the guide should prove useful for you and your website designer.

You can find Ecommerce Benchmark Guide 2006 here.

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