FeedBurner Offers Free Site Statistics for your Blog

Posted on 8th January, 2007

FeedBurner is now offering free statistics which enables their users to track both feed and site audience from their FeedBurner account.

The basic stats StandardStats provides the following information for your blog

• Visitor summary and detail
• Page summary and detail
• Visitor and referral trends
• Inbound referral traffic breakdown
• Outbound click breakdown
• Visitor city cloud
• Percentage inbound traffic from search and the specific queries that drove the traffic
• Percentage traffic from other direct links and the specific pages that drove that traffic
• Percentage visitors that are new visitors to your site today
• Browser, OS and screen resolution breakdown, with trend indicators
• Detailed historical traffic by page


This service is automatically activated when you burned a feed. Existing users need to paste a small code snippet on their blog to start tracking.

What differentiate FeedBurner statistics from other stats services such as Sitemeter is that it’s designed for blog tracking in mind. You can analyse how your audience consume your content – whether by feed subscribers or blog visitors.

Besides the ability to track click through and podcasts downloads, you can also find out how your sites content re-syndicated via other blogs, directories or even spam sites.

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