Find Out How Much Your Domain Name Is Worth

Posted on 25th May, 2006


Here’s a fun service from LeapFish.com where you can find out how much your domain name is worth.

The evaluation is based on factors such as domain name length, Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .org etc), whether or not the domain is a dictionary word, historical archive etc.

I entered the several of my domains and it came up with some interesting values

Estimated Base Value: $522.00
Estimated Actual Value: $45,414.00

Estimated Base Value: $1,347.00
Estimated Actual Value: $302,402.00

LeapFish even points out that

It has been determined based on search results that this name may be extensively valuable beyond the scope of the LeapFish.com domain analysis tool. It is recommended that you seek the services of a complete domain appraisal company rather than rely on this estimate. Thank You.

Which is apparently worth more than

Estimated Base Value: $756.00
Estimated Actual Value: $95,256.00

As you can see, the tool is unable to take into account the meaning of a domain or what the domain is implying or representing, otherwise this could have made the tool more reliable.

From a financial perspective, I believe AbsoluetlyFreebies.com currently earns more money than JeffOoi.com, that’s not surprising since the later is a non profit blog.

But anybody looking for Malaysian audience interested in the government and its political issues would consider JeffOoi.com as more valuable.

It’s therefore obvious that domain evaluation is a subjective matter. A domain name is nothing more than an address on the Internet. What make it more valuable is what it represents to you and your visitors.

Nevertheless, it’s still a fun tool to play with as long as you do not take the results too seriously. 🙂

How much is your domain worth? Find out here.


  • pinolobu says:

    absolutely and freebies are english (dictionary) words. jeffooi is not. sabah can be both a malaysian or a turkey (the country) related. anyway, >RM1 million dollars for a domain name is a lot of money (and incomprehensible to many people) by sabahan standards. Not as much as diamond.com (or was it diamonds.com), but still, seven figure value for a few alphanumeric characters is a big amount…

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