Firefox taking in millions of Google dollars

Posted on 9th March, 2006

Just when you thought money has nothing to do with nonprofit foundation.

Mozilla has confirmed that it is taking in millions of dollars from the Firefox browser, but declined to give an exact figure.

In making the disclosure, Mozilla, the for-profit subsidiary of the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation, was responding to a report that the company has taken in $US72 million, primarily through Google’s search box on the right-hand corner of the browser.

“The amount isn’t accurate but isn’t off by an order of magnitude either,” Mitchell Baker, chief executive of Mozilla, said in an email from the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego. “Mozilla doesn’t generally discuss the amount of revenue generated or the specific details of our partnership agreements, as these agreements are confidential in nature.”

Christopher Blizzard, a board member of the Mozilla Corp quoted as saying:

Money is one of the last things we worry about and people shouldn’t get hung up on the numbers, except to realize that it gives us options

I hope more cool innovation will be realised as more options are available for them.

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