Free AdSense webinar by the Inside AdSense Team

Posted on 10th May, 2007

The Google AdSense team will held a webinar aimed to help you improve your AdSense performance. It’ll be held next Wednesday, May 16 th at 10:30am PDT.

A webinar is a type of conference held on the Internet where the direction of the presentation more often than not is primarily one way from the presenter to the audience as in a Webcast.

However there will be some interactivity in the AdSense webinar where they will leave time at the end to answer any questions or concerns regarding your ad performance or other account issues.

During this one hour overview, AdSense support specialists will provide you with tips and suggestions that they have found to significantly improve AdSense performance. Topics covered will include:

  • Using channels to track your ad performance
  • Optimizing your ad placement, design, and layout
  • Noticing trends and making proactive improvements to your site
  • Keeping your account in good standing


Unfortunately to join this webinar live from Malaysia , you’ll have to stay up late at night as it’ll take place on May 17th, 1:30am Malaysian time. The good news is if you are unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded so you can view it after the event.

To watch their previous webinars, check their their Help Center.

To register for this upcoming webinar, click here.

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