Free Domains and Free Hosting For Your WordPress Blog

Posted on 14th May, 2007

Perhaps some of you may recall that I hinted in one of my earlier posts about a contest I was planning to run where the prizes could include free domains and/or free web hosting for your wordpress blog.

I got this idea after the successful transfer of my accounts to a new dedicated server at Hostgator.com

I’ve been thinking how this can be done properly without burning a hole in my pocket and still ensure the prizes remain attractive.

Offering free domains is easy but offering free web hosting (for life?) is a little tricky.

In terms of performance and redundancy, my new server should be able to cope with the addition of several new accounts without any problem but I can’t say that for sure in the future.

So looking forward, I am going to set some ground rules to ensure that things won’t go haywire in the future.

More details in my next post. Stay tune 🙂


  • Kay Kastum says:

    Sound very interesting..

  • papajoneh says:

    OK, now im. From the office. somehow when browsing from my home ip, your server probably blocked it. Problem loading page. Even with MSIE6. So, I think my house streamyx IP blocked. Any idea how this happened Gaman?

  • It’s crazy how sometimes people’ mind think alike. I was thinking about giving away some of my many domains as contests as well before you wrote me about this contest. The only difference is that I wasn’t thinking about free hosting.

    Nonetheless, I think I have a few interesting domains that might bring some interest.

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