Free Office Without The Microsoft—ThinkFree Online

Posted on 27th April, 2006

Are you looking for an alternative to the Microsoft office apps? Look no further because here comes ThinkFree Online.


ThinkFree Online is the free web-based office apps which allow you to do nearly everything you could with Microsoft Office but all for free.

Extreme Tech has posted an in depth look at this newly updated webware at their site.

Today ThinkFree releases a major update to its suite, upgrading free online storage space from 30MB to 1GB and adding a new lightweight AJAX-based collaboration feature and the ability to apply folksonomy to a document through “tagging” (very Web 2.0). Another Web 2.0 feature of the suite is Mashup—when a web application incorporates functionality with other web services. In ThinkFree’s case, the combination is with Flickr for inserting pictures into documents now, and later the company plans integrating Google and Yahoo for maps, and with del.icio.us for shared bookmarking.

This service is ad supported, but you can upgrade to the ad free premium services if you are willing to spend some money. In short, it offers excellent Microsoft Office compatibility and includes most of the Office features. To top it off, it also comes with a free 1GB online storage too.

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  • colbert says:

    what a coincidence. I just wrote about this today and signed up already. it works like a charm but make sure your PC can install Java to go into Power Edit mode

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