Free Photos For Your Blog Or Web Site

Posted on 28th May, 2006


One thing that I’d like to do more in this blog is to add more photos to spice things up a little.

Since I’m not ready to shell out money for custom or stock photography, finding a royalty free photo sites should solve the problem. So if you are like me who are looking for free photos, you can head over to Yotophoto or Everystockphoto for some free photos you can use on your blog or site.

Yotophoto or Everystockphoto do not actually store those photos themselves but instead they are obtained from various sources around the Internet including Google Maps, Wikipedia, Flickr, and other stock photography sites.

Each site is equipped with a search engine facility to help you find suitable photos. Keep in mind that, some of those photos, albeit free to use, is not without usage restrictions. Check out the licensing to find out what you should do before using any photo from those sites.

[via CNET]

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  • roger says:

    I believe a good site is http://www.youtupedia.org where you can get free royalty photos for your desktop, wallpapers etc even commercial use!

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