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Last modified on 13th December, 2006

One of the worst thing that can happen to a computer owner is a hard drive failure which could lead to the lost of important data in that hard drive. The question is not whether you’ll lose your data, it’s just when and how much.

One way to deal with this scenario is to have a data backup strategy. Talking about backup strategy, I recently came across a new online back up service called Mozy Remote Backup.

What sets Mozy apart from the rest is its price. It offers 2GB of secure off site storage for free. At the moment, I doubt you can find similar or better offer anywhere else. You’ll pay extra to store 5GB, 10GB or more but it’s still no way near the cost of other online backup services.

I’ve been testing Mozy for the past two days and found it a snap to use. Installation was effortless. And once that’s done, I specified which files to protect, and then I ran the initial backup which is still running now and leave it to run automatically.

Mozy saves all new and changed files and retains previous version for 30 days.

Mozy also backup data that’s not already been backed up, and only backup parts of a file that have changed. Other features include encrypted backup which is important if you are concern about your data privacy.

I would recommend to have at least 1Mbps broadband connection if you are planning to back up 1GB of data or more, otherwise it’ll take you forever to complete your initial backup.

However, even at this connection speed, the initial back up will likely take several days to complete but that’s expected. The good thing is everything runs automatically in the background.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own free Mozy Online Back up service here.

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