Get paid $2 and $1 for referring people to download Google Pack and Picasa respectively

Posted on 5th May, 2006

Google has announced the addition of two more referral programs today. You can now refer your visitors to download Google Pack and Picasa and get paid for the effort.



Google will pay you $2 each time a user installs Google Pack and $1 for each Picasa install. To get started just select Referrals from the AdSense setup page of your account and select the product of your choice.

Picasa is available in multiple languages but Google Pack is only in US English. Currently I don’t see the Google Pack option for us Malaysian publishers.

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  • Katana says:

    I just got a 0.10 cents conversion when google told me that i get 1 usd for each conversion? anyone else has this problem? maybe the guy downloaded till 10% and disconnected.

  • dave says:


    When the first i read Your comment ( i am sorry ), i used to laughed. You are neutral and You are so positive thinker.
    hahahahahaha…You make me Laughed, really.

    keep tryin bro.

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