Google AdSense Black List Revisted

Posted on 28th March, 2006

I wrote about Adsense Black List a few days ago. Since then, this service has been attracting attention, good and bad. But reading the following post has made me question more about the integrity of this service and the real benefit it brings, if any, by filtering the highest paying ads on your site even though they appear to have low cost per click.

A post over at SERoundTable points out a blog entry named Adsense Blacklist which shows some history about the person who created the list. From the post:

The point that needs to be understood is that blacklists have a checkered history of hurting many innocent people, and it has occurred in the past that the people behind blacklists do not have the moral or technical authority to administer a blacklist. Whether AdSenseBlacklist.com is run by an opportunistic MFA publisher is up to you to decide.

The problem is that the person who created the list, reportedly has created MFAs (Made For AdSense Sites) themselves. In addition, sites that the person created was banned for using AdSense. The person also created sites that are specifically against Google AdSense’s TOS.

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