Google AdSense Updates Payment History Page

Last modified on 18th December, 2006

I am not a frequent browser of my AdSense Payment History page because I know Google payments usually arrive like a clock works. The past few months have been quite exciting as I’ve been receiving payments via Western Union.

Screenshot taken from Google

Anyway, if you look at your Payment History page today, you’ll notice that the whole page has been redesigned to make it easier to keep track of your financial activity in your account.

Suzie Rha writes on AdSense blog:

You’ll now find your earnings and payments divided into two separate columns so you can better distinguish between them. Clicking on any details link will give you more information about the noted Earnings or Payment event. For example, the details link associated with a payment will show you the payment number, amount, date, and depending on your form of payment, the tracking number.

We’ve also added a Monthly balance column, which displays the running total of your unpaid earnings and credits at the end of each month. If this column shows an amount greater than $100 and you’ve removed all holds from your account, you’ll be issued a payment at the end of the following month. You can see an example in the screenshot above — since the publisher’s unpaid earnings totaled $58.23 at the end of November, a payment will not be issued during December.

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  • pinolobu says:

    Which are your top adsense earning site(s)?

  • Gaman says:

    Sorry can’t tell 🙂 But definitely not Sabahan.com

  • Nasheed says:

    my payment history page showed payment issued yesterday for the first time and that was what i waiting for from a long time.

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