Google AdWords Introduces IP Address Exclusion

Posted on 18th June, 2007

A few days after Google AdWords introduced Placement Performance reporting on the Google content network, another useful feature was recently unveiled.

In addition to controlling your ad placement through methods such as location and language targeting, site exclusion, and network distribution preferences, you can refine your targeting with Internet Protocol (IP) address exclusion. With this tool, advertisers can now specify if they do not want their ads to show up for specific IP addresses

The tool currently allows exclusion of up to 20 IP addresses, or ranges of addresses, per campaign.

This tool can be handy when you want to block someone like your competitors who have been clicking on your ads to sabotage your campaigns. You can also use this tool to block your own IP address so that you ads won’t be shown when you do a search for your own keywords. The purpose is to prevent your own impressions from affecting your ads click through rate.


[via Search Engine Rountable]
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