Google AdWords Pay Per Action Beta Opens Internationally

Posted on 22nd June, 2007

Google has announced today that their Pay-Per-Action (PPA) pricing model for AdWords are now available globally in some 24 languages.

AdWords advertiser who use AdWords conversion tracking and receive more than 500 conversions from their cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) campaigns in the most recent 30-day period will be invited to join this beta test, on a rolling basis.

I think it’s important that Google deliver satisfactory level of ad impressions for Advertisers at this early stage if they want to encourage adoption of this pricing model. Coming from Google, I am certain they have a way to make it works.

I am looking forward to test drive this option for my AdWords campaigns and see how it could improve conversion rates for my own products. The obvious advantage of this pricing model for advertisers is that, they pay only when specific actions that they define are completed by a user on their site.

Rather than paying for clicks or impressions, advertisers can choose to pay when a user makes a purchase, signs up for a newsletter, or completes any other clearly defined action that they choose. Perhaps next time, I could invite my readers to promote my products via their AdSense account?

Anyway when I tried to sign up for the beta program I was greeted with the following message

Thanks for your interest in the pay-per-action beta. We’ve recently expanded the beta to more AdWords advertisers around the world. However, we’re no longer taking sign-ups. If you see an alert in your AdWords account, you can try pay-per-action advertising. Please refer to the AdWords Help Center to learn more about the pay-per-action beta.

OK I could wait.

From the AdSense publishers’ side of things, this program is currently only available to US publishers. This is how it will look like in your AdSense account when you set up a referral ads for the pay per action products.

AdWords advertisers can learn more about Pay Per Action ads here.

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