Google and Click Fraud

Posted on 31st May, 2006

I came across this interesting article about Google click fraud problem and how it’s making Google richer.

After 29 years of working in high-tech companies and writing about them, I have noticed how insular they tend to be, often not seeing either the world or themselves at all clearly. Whether intended or not, this cultural artifact comes to control how the world in turn sees them, which rarely works in their favor.

The classic example is Microsoft, where hiring smart people fresh from school and working them 60 hours or more per week — in an environment where they don’t even leave the building to eat — leads to a state of corporate delusion, where lying and cheating suddenly begin to make sense. But it isn’t just Microsoft that does this. It is ANY high tech company that hires young people, isolates them through long hours at work, feeds them at work, and effectively determines their friends, who are their co-workers. This trend even extends to the anti-Microsoft, to Google, where the light of day is sorely needed.

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