Google Earth 4 & SketchUp 6 Is Out

Posted on 12th January, 2007

New version of Google Earth and SketchUp were released on January 8th and 9th respectively.

Google SketchUp now in its 6th version is an easy to use 3D software modeling tool that allows design professional and enthusiasts alike to create 3D models and enables you to integrate them into Google Earth.

Google Press release adds:

  • Photo Match – Users can now quickly and easily trace a photo to create a 3D model of the photographed object or match an existing model with a background photo for near-instant modeling.
  • Styles – New collections of display settings including Watermarks (2D images behind or in front of models) and Sketchy Effects (rendered as though drawn by hand) enable users to create 3D models to fit their professional or personal needs.
  • 3D Text – Users can now convert text to 2D outlines, filled surfaces, or extruded 3D objects.
  • LayOut Beta (Pro version only) – An innovative presentation/publishing application enables users to create professional design presentations and high-resolution documents with little additional work. By embedding SketchUp models in a LayOut document, professionals can create compelling presentations that enable models to remain interactive and modifiable.

SketchUp is free (there’s also a pro version) and works in Windows and Mac. There are plenty of tutorials available. But once you gone through the basic concept, you pretty much could do anything with it.

I used SketchUp to help me design our house renovation and extension recently which was fun and it helped in conveying my ideas to the contractor.


Another new release from Google is Google Earth 4. In addition to a new and simple user interface, the new version boasts:

  • higher-quality 3D terrain data for many mountainous regions
  • support for “textured” 3D buildings to making them more realistic looking
  • view travel photos, hiking trails uploaded from your GPS, overlays of your own imagery.
  • time-stamp the data to create animations of how the world changes over time

  • Shally says:

    that’s something,evrybody can pot his house in google earth now in 3D. cool

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