Google Introduced Personalized Homepage Themes

Posted on 23rd March, 2007

Google’s personalized homepage has been my start page for a while. I use it because I want keep track of new emails, feed updates and other info right after I launch my web browser.

The page design was rather plain and uninspiring to my liking; until a new feature was introduced recently.

To see this new feature, just head to google.com/ig and login to your Google account. On the right side you’ll see a ‘Select a Theme’ box where you can select from 7 nice looking designs.

One interesting characteristic of these themes is that they are dynamic in that they change with your local time & weather conditions


While I doubt that it’s tracking my local weather here, it’s adjusted to my local time. In the morning, the theme changes to a morning scene, in the evening we see the sun sets and so on.

If you rather see the whole enchilada now, you can view all the different themes at different times here.

Another thing that would be appealing to the kid (or geek?) in you is the ability to discover easter eggs hidden in the new Google Personalized homepage themes.

Each of the hidden images shows up at exactly 3:14 AM each day for all but the “bus stop” theme.

Ruscoe.net has discovered several of them.

[via GoogleBlogoscoped]
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