Google is making $10 million a day from Adsense

Posted on 25th April, 2006

Google recently announced its first quarter 2006 results, in which Google made $928 million through Adsense programs.

That’s about $309 million per month or roughly $10 million daily!

This got me thinking how many Adsense publishers Google has. Someone over at DigitalPoint forum has estimated the number could be around 250K.

If that’s true, then an average, a publisher earns about $40 daily from Adsense.

However, that seems a little bit on the high side to me unless there are many high earners who are bringing the big dough. This should include a guy who is making $10,000 a day from his dating site.

[via TheForumFix]
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  • boringest says:

    you didn’t factor in google’s earnings from adsense, where they take between 30-80% of the earnings!

    So say we get 20%, that’s like $8/day, still pretty high but I guess some ppl can get that in just a few minutes.

  • Gaman says:

    Actually I didn’t have to because I was talking about Google’s revenue through Adsense in general. I purposely didn’t consider TAC – Traffic Acquisition Costs, the portion of revenues shared with Google’s partners.

    Also, Google DO NOT take 30-80% of the earnings! 🙂

    Perhaps I should’ve explained more. According to the report, the TAC for Q1 2006 was $723, that’s the amount Google paid to publishers. We know Google made $928 from Adsense during Q1, so the payout percentage is 723/928 x 100 = 77.9%

    Google only take 22.1%, we get 77.9%. Google paying out 70%+ of the Adsense revenue is not unknow. That’s very generous of them I must say.

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  • ShaolinTiger says:

    The figures I’ve seen Google pays out around 80% of the incoming money from Adwords to Adsense publishers.

  • toxicle says:

    I need to get a larger piece of the cake 😛

  • Steve Wong says:

    hoho….i’m far below that value… should work day and night from now after reading this post. thanks

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