Google Misspells Valentine’s Day Logo

Last modified on 18th February, 2007

It’s normal for us bloggers to make some spelling mistakes in our writings but when your website is visited by millions of people daily, obviously you should pay more attention to your spelling.

But that’s not what happens to Google where apparently it misspells itself as Googe in its Valentine’s Day logo.

Or is the chocolate dipped strawberry suppose to represent the ‘gl’ in Google? I don’t know.



According to the Urban Dictionary

Googe is a sexual act originating in the Amazon rainforest. It is where the man wraps his legs around a womans face and googe’s like a bad badger. It is now used as an exclamation of hornyness or used as a term instead of fuck, or also can be used as an expression deep hatred. Eg, I fucking want to googe ya mam

I want to googe you long time *russian Accent*

Hmm how romantic…

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  • Azmeen says:

    In my opinion the logo is correct.

    The “g” is the chocolate-dipped strawberry, while the “l” is its stem.

    Makes sense, right?

  • Looks odd though. The stem would be a blittle bit out of place on my opinion. Anyway, maybe it was done on purpose to give some buzz eh?

  • hongkiat says:

    I was cracking my head too when I first see this, but then later the day -mytsery- was solved. you can read here.

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    the “L” went to all Love ones

  • KeVin says:

    this must be intentionally for .com.my….i it must got something to do with our pop diva siti nurhaliza’s favourite which is chocolate & strawberry…hmmmm 🙂

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