Google On the Oprah Show

Posted on 2nd May, 2007

If I could work at Google, I’ll choose to work at their AdWords department. 🙂

The following video from the Oprah Shows talks about how Google is the best place to work in the US according to the Fortune magazine.

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  • […] *This is an update… Haaha I just saw another blogger who’s posted the same stuff as mine. he’s even got the video which is cooler check it out on http://www.sabahan.com. […]

  • toxicle says:

    Hey … It’s every geek’s dream to work with Google. I don’t mind starting washing their toilets 😛

  • Pinvader says:

    washing toilet? haha.. i wanna be the security guard!

  • […] lists. The post compares the working culture between Google and Microsoft. Google was voted as the best company to work with in the US according to the Fortune magazine the writer probably didn’t like to hear that. Mary Jo […]

  • […] OK I think I found it but the page isn’t loading. It’s the one on the Oprah show, have a look? Google On the Oprah Show : Sabahan.com __________________ jQuery Selectors Tutorial – jQuery Striped Table tutorial – jQuery Events – […]

  • PS3 says:

    Apparently they have slides in the google offices. I’ve also heard that they have free food for all!

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