Google PageRank & BackLink Updates

Posted on 15th July, 2006

Several people have been noticing changes in their Google PageRank for the past few days.

You can find several forum discussions about this:

Search Engine Roundtable Forums
DigitalPoint Forums
Search Engine Watch Forums

I’ve previously written about the weird increased in PageRank for Sabahan.com where the main page went from PR0 to PR6 in less than two months after this blog was launched. Several inner pages had also experienced an increased from PR0 to PR5.

After the current update, Sabahan.com PR is reduced to PR5 while those pages with PR5 reduced to PR4.

I guess that this new PR values reflect the real PR values more closely.

One of my other sites has also experienced an increase from PR0 to PR4.

You can check your own future PageRank using the tool below.

Future PageRank Tool © SEO Chat™

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It seems that the Backlinks have been updated as well.

Want to find out what sites are linking to you? You can do this with Google of course but here’s a tool called BackLinks Analyzer that presents the result in a more interesting way.

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  • […] Looks like it’s not only me who got the increase in Google PR. Some other folks also having the same thing. […]

  • Katana says:

    Darn, pr still the same at 3 for me…

  • Pinvader says:

    my PR drop from 5 to 4 🙁

  • DesWire.com says:

    I got my first PR now without spending any cash… (a month old blog)

  • Gaman says:

    Some people claim that this is one of the fastest PR update across all Google datacenter.

    DesWire: There’s no need to spend any cash to get a Google PR. It’s free! 🙂

  • Deeroy says:

    Damn …im still stuck at 0 ..hehehehe

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