Google Pay Per Action Screen Shots

Posted on 24th March, 2007

Here’s some screenshots of Google Pay Per Action in action for those like myself who are wondering how it works from the Adwords advertise side.

The stat offerings look more basic compare to those available via some established affiliate networks like CJ.com and Linkshare.

Google offering is promising but lacks value added services as one would expect from an affiliate marketing company.

It does not allow the flexibility for affiliates to offer various creatives such as banner ads, email campaigns, besides the normal text link ads and put them in any context a publisher may wish.

Obviously there’ll be some rigid rules affiliates must follow in order for them to serve these campaigns and because of this limitation, I don’t think Google will dominate the affiliate marketing sector, at least not yet.



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  • toxicle says:

    Is this the Adwords side of Google Pay-Per-Action advertising?

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    It would be hard for publisher unless you have an audiance of american people.

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