Google Power Searcher Tip to Help You Find Fresher Documents

Posted on 22nd June, 2007

Do you know that you can ask Google to only show newly updated results by specifying the date option when performing a search?

By newly updated results, I mean those pages that were recently fetched by Google and included into their index.

Google estimated the age of a URL as the last time they fetched the page. However, the URLs returned on the search result don’t always represent the recent ones due to Google’s ranking algorithm.

If you want to see documents that have been updated, say the last three months, you can do so my specifying the Date option in Google’s Advance Search.


Here’s an example. A normal search for sabahan returns the following results.



If you want more recent results, you can restrict the search to the last three months.



This will return the following URLs. It’s a great way to track how a story develops or find out what people have been talking about recently about certain issues.


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  • Arstan says:

    And I see my blog there!

  • ben says:

    cool, i never knew that before nice post!

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